New Product Development

Study Abroad Course

Dr. Kelli Frias

Assist. Prof. of Marketing

• Office: W350, RCOBA
• Office Hours: Tuesday 2PM-4PM; (By appointment)

Course Objective

This study abroad course was developed to give students a more in-depth examination of the varying regulatory policies that impact product development processes across nations. This gives students the opportunity to visit three countries: England, Germany, and Belgium. The focus is on exploring each country’s relevant laws and resources to learn more about product development and innovation processes. Students visited companies and organizations such as Merck, Audi, the European Union, the U.S. State Department (in Brussels), a startup incubator in Heidelberg, Germany, a public relations firm in London, and attended several guest lectures with experts in business strategy and product development. In addition to their visits and lectures, students participated in a new product simulation that gave them tasks (related to their learnings along the trip) and asked them to make new product launch decisions based on their learnings. The students’ decisions then impacted their success in the simulation game. Final results of team revenue and profits were then discussed in final reports and presentations.

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