Technology Commercialization

Dr. Kelli Frias

Assist. Prof. of Marketing

• Office: W350, RCOBA
• Office Hours: Tuesday 2PM-4PM; (By appointment)

Course Objective

This course is intended to provide STEM students with an introduction to the critical elements of technology commercialization. I believe there is a strong need to bridge gaps in student curricula by providing entrepreneurial students in STEM disciplines with an opportunity to cultivate their business expertise before entering the market with a technological idea. Topics include: value propositions, customer segments, market positioning, financing opportunities/challenges, company valuation, business plans, and business models. The final project for the course requires that students develop (or further) a technological idea as a prototype in collaboration with students from the Startup Lab in Electrical Engineering, at Texas Tech University. This allows students from both engineering and business to work collaboratively toward product development. To facilitate rapid feedback of their technology development projects, students, faculty, and external technology I used a web-based tool which generates a forum to provide groups with feedback about their ideas and business plan. This gives students the ability to make real-time adaptations and engage with stakeholders (e.g., industry experts, investors). Deliverables include a business plan and presentation to external stakeholders such as angel investors, the Small Business Development Center, and local CEOs. Because this course is supported with grant funds, students can often develop an early-stage prototype by the end of the semester. A summary of student projects reveals these courses have generated a total of 35 technology innovation ideas across 6 product categories.